INVENTORY TIME  NEW MERCHANDISE NEW LOOK SOON !!   Appreciate your patience    your online gift store with a collector's catalog of  gifts. Unique or unusual ,vintage  and new, they  all become collectibles, artifacts from today and yesteryear.

        We have plenty of  jewelry, sterling silver earrings, gold earrings,a pendant or two, necklaces  made with beautiful turquoise stone or gemstone ,  gemwood, gold and sterling silver  artisan made silver and gold watchbands,tin toys,   puppets indoor and outdoor decor, so much more!!!

              They are all presented on our user friendly pages that give you a detailed view of each selection you choose always changing themes and restocking inventory.

            We promise you a hassle free check out and spot on shipping and handling to anywhere in the good ol' USA. (Shipping and handling by USPS).


grandpasbasement is totally into the GREEN recycling movement by re-using boxes , plastic bags and newspaper for packaging when we ship your order.
There is so much stuff on this planet, so finding new homes for these existing vintage collectibles, these artifacts,this, soul decor  is a mission and only seems appropriate.

You  too are contributing to a World for Harmony when you purchase on Grampsbasement.

So please browse through our pages, click and enjoy. If you have any questions I'm not far, just pick up the phone or email me I would love to hear from you.

              If you are ever in the Central Michigan area (Irish Hills Area) be sure to visit the Allen Antique Mall in the historic town of Allen,Michigan the "Antique and Vintage Collectibles Capitol of Michigan". Look for Booths 44 and go crazy. Again welcome to GrampsBasement

Terry McAuliffe owner and fantasy enthusiast

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